About My Classes

My classes are a unique blend of multiple forms of fitness, combining ballet, Pilates, yoga, strength training, cardio and high intensity interval training. Classes work multiple muscle groups, simultaneously strengthening and elongating the muscles, helping you to achieve a strong and toned physique. However, most importantly, regular ballet fitness training strengthens the core muscles, which is beneficial for all aspects of our day-to-day lives and helps to prevent injuries as we grow older.

Barre classes focus heavily on the fitness aspect of ballet. The ballet barre is used as a support aid throughout sections of the class. Movements are based on ballet and adapted slightly, sometimes using equipment such as Pilates balls and therabands and hand-weights (or tins!!) to increase the intensity of the workout to suit your needs. 

Ballet Stretch classes focus on elongating the muscles and increasing mobility, especially in the hips and hamstrings. Ballet Stretch classes are a great way to loosen up and stay mobile and are an ideal way to relax and stretch out following on from other classes.

Dance Blast classes provide a fun, intense, cardio based dance workout. The class focuses on three main sections - a cardio blast; arm strength; legs, bums & tums; finishing with a final section of cardio. Get a sweat on and feel that post-workout pump!

Daily Workout Blasts are quick 5 minute workouts, focusing on a different muscle group or aspect of fitness each day. The classes are intense, but short enough to fit into your daily schedule - little and often is the key!


Chair-based Movement and Dance classes are perfect for the elderly, infirm or less-able, and for all those wanting a gentle daily exercise.You will learn a few chair-based dance movements, which are then choreographed into a fun dance routine.

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Make them part of you daily exercise routine

The expert medical advice is that it is important to stay physically and mentally active, and to take some exercise every day. 


My online pre-recorded classes are perfect for anyone who would like an exercise workout from the comfort (and privacy) of your own home, or place of work - in fact,  from anywhere - at any time.  And no specialist equipment is needed!

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Prefer something scheduled? Then why not try out one of my weekly Live online Zoom Classes - just £3 per class