Terms and Conditions


Fitness exercises can be difficult and strenuous, and can involve a risk of injury. In order to join my classes you will first need to sign a Disclaimer and Assumption of Risk Form. You can find the form here, which I encourage you to read before attending your first class.


Forms will be provided at the class.  (If you wish, you can follow the link to the form above, then download and print off the form, complete and sign it in advance, and bring it along with you  - this will save time when you register at your first class).

Use of Pre-recorded (Library) Classes and attendance at Live Online Zoom Classes

Use of pre-recorded video classes and/or attendance at Live Zoon Classes in entirely at your own discretion and risk. When using pre-recorded Videos, or attending Live Classes, it is your responsibility to use good judgement and decide your own limits when exercising, and to base that upon your own knowledge of your personal health, your recent history of exercise, and any known or believed underlying health conditions or limitations.  Many of the class exercises are designed to strengthen muscles and/or to stretch ligaments, and this might result in short-term muscle ache or similar discomfort. This is perfectly normal.  Do not continue any exercise if you begin to feel unwell, or experience excessive pain or shortness of breath, unusual tingling, cramps, loss of sensation, headaches, or other forms of discomfort. If using Video Classes or attending Live Classes you are deemed to have acknowledged, reviewed and completed a Disclaimer and Assumption of Risk Form per the above, and to then act as if you have provided a completed form prior to commencing any exercise. 


It is your duty to inform the instructor before the class starts if you have any injury which you consider may affect your ability to take part in a class. If at any time you begin to feel unwell or that you are developing any soreness or injury then you must inform the instructor as soon as possible. At the Barre With Lauren accepts no responsibility for injuries caused during classes. By taking part you are confirming that you are fit and able to undertake strenuous exercise.


Bookings and Payments

Payment for classes can be made only via the Booking and Payment facilities on the website.  These provide a means to book and pay for the following: a monthly recurring Plan for online Video Classes; a Weekly Taster Plan (non-recurring) for online Video Classes; a single or multiple Live Class booking. I am not able to accept payment by any other means.

Monthly subscription plans for Online Video classes (Silver Plan, Gold Plan etc) are charged on a monthly subscription basis at the rates as advertised and offered on the website. Subscription payments are taken each month until and unless cancelled by you.  You can cancel at any time.  There are no part-refunds for cancellations during a month. 

Weekly Taster Plans (when available) require a one-time, non-recurring, payment as specified in the Plan. This payment will not automatically renew at the end of the Taster Plan period and classes will not be accessible after the end of the period . A Taster Plan can be purchased more than once, for as long as the Taster Plan is available. Taster Plan availability can be withdrawn at short notice (but all paid-for periods will remain active).

Live Zoom Classes must be paid for at the time of booking, using the online bookings and payment system.  All bookings are non-amendable and non-refundable i.e. once booked, the booking system does not allow classes to be rearranged or refunded. In the unlikely event that a pre-booked class is cancelled, an alternative date will be offered, or the option of a refund.

Corporate and Club Staff/Member Discount Offers

From time to time I may agree special offers or reductions with Employing organisations, for the benefit of their staff, or for staff in a staff/membership club.  These offers are only available exactly as advertised, and might not be available to all members of staff, depending upon the arrangement agreed with the Employer or Club. These offers will be time-limited, and can be withdrawn at any time, but will be available at least for the time period agreed.

Staff/employees/members will be required to provide evidence of employment or membership as specified in the offer- for example a staff club membership card (where offered to club members), or an official photo ID card/badge (where offered to all members of staff).


All pre-recorded class videos are copyright, and must not be downloaded, copied, forwarded, distributed or otherwise retained or shared without express permission. This is applicable to all class videos, whether on the website, or on my YouTube Channel. All other videos (i.e. not classes) can be freely downloaded, copied and shared.

All live-stream classes similarly are copyright, and must not be filmed, recorded, copied, forwarded, distributed or otherwise retained or shared without express permission.


If you have any questions please email me at info@barrewithlauren.co.uk