New Feature: What to wear, What to Use? - with Video

It’s important to feel comfortable and confident when working out, which is why I thought I’d recommend some of my favourite pieces of activewear. When searching for activewear, I always look for three main things - find out more on my recommended Activewear page.

A few basic pieces of exercise equipment are a perfect compliment to my online classes. Adding that extra bit of resistance to an exercise can really increase the benefits and help you get the results you want, quicker.  

My top priority is to source equipment that is both good quality and affordable. On my recommended Equipment  page you will find a few of my favourite and recommended items which I’ll be incorporating into my upcoming classes.

Check out my latest VIDEO below, with my Equipment Recommendations - more videos to follow.

  • Leggings, shorts

  • Yoga pants. Socks

  • Footwear

  • Mats

  • Bands, balls,

  • rollers, weights, hydrate